4 Ideas for Using School Laptops More Effectively

There have been claims about the decrease of literacy and the effects that laptops, phones, and tablets provide to students by reducing their focus and diverting their desire from studying and using the technology to help them at school to playing games and watching irrelevant videos.  

Some people are fortunate for having their own gadgets at school, as some need to rent a PC or borrow a phone from friends or relatives. Of course, this is not something commonly experienced in the global north, but by the global south.  


If you have a phone with you, a laptop or a personal computer to help you do academic tasks and even do some personal hobbies, you are one of the fortunate and privileged persons in the world. As mentioned, there are some drawbacks to this. Instead of helping you in your academic tasks, these very gadgets allure you away from your priorities.  

In this article, we will provide the five tips to use your school laptops more effectively. 

1.Do not install distracting programs 

The young ones think that multitasking is their thing. However, it is theoretically proven that multitasking inhibits productivity and that no person is able to give a hundred percent concentration to two things.  

It is recommended to remove all the distracting programs such as games and music, as well as limit, if not completely deactivate, push notifications to avoid being distracted with a lot of messages, tweets, e-mails, etc.  

2.Use it to connect and communicate relevant things with teachers and classmates 

Allow yourself to be used to using your gadgets to communicate with your teachers and professors with relevant topics, discussion, and questions just like clarifying an assignment, discussing topics and ideas, etc.  

There are also several college classes that use Google Hangouts and other online platforms for whole-class interaction and communication. You might as well use these or recommend to your teacher.  

3.Clean and organize your desktop 

Organization and order are keys to success in everything including in your academics. While it is proven that a messy desktop and folders can slow a person down and decrease productivity, cleaning and being organized also benefit you by alleviating your anxiety and mood that can be caused by messy sighting and other negative visual impacts. 

4.Learn to use it effectively in jotting down notes 

There are individuals who are severely tied down to their gadgets and returning to pen and paper might not be a fancy choice for them. In this case, a laptop can be a good alternative for jotting down important notes and discussions. 

In this method, it Is discouraged to type down words in verbatim as this is inefficient and slow. It is recommended that you type important concepts and ideas to be able to catch up with the teacher or professor.  

Final thoughts 

Letting gadgets control you should not be the case; allow yourself to have control over them. Use them at your own advantages especially when it comes to doing your academic tasks. 

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