Women’s Guide to Choosing the Right Clothes for Specific Body Shapes

You see a beautiful dress in the window of a store but you feel that it looks quite awful when you wear it. Does this happen to you? Well, the truth is that it does not mean that there is something wrong or unattractive with your body. Chances are you simply do not dress according to your own body shape. However, you should not worry because in this article, we will give you some helpful tips regarding with the right clothes that you should wear in order to make your own body shape look amazing. 

Body Shapes

A Body with an Apple Shape

It’s highly recommended that you wear clothes, which can draw attention away from the waist and mid-section of your body. V-neck tops and empire waist dresses, A-line dresses as well as wrap dresses will surely do wonders for you. It’s also best that you choose tops that can cover the whole belly area as well as extend it just below your hips. You should also avoid straight leg pants and skinny jeans if you have heavy top. Boot cut pants or flared pants with pockets are definitely the right option for you. And, instead of wearing any belt around your waist, you can wear it below your bust as this can minimize your waist as well as create curves.  

A Body with Pear Shape

You can highlight your shoulders in order to balance your figure’s shape. For this, you can be able to use pashminas, scarves, as well as colorful necklaces. It’s also ideal that you choose embellished and patterned dresses and tops. You can also make your shoulders look even broader using puff sleeves, a cap and a bateau neckline. 

In addition to that, you should also avoid capri pants, tight pants, pencil skirts and short skirts. Instead, you can choose flared, tailored pants as well as A-line skirts. You can also wear solid, dark colors for the bottom half of your body, as well as pair it with brightly, lighter colored tops. 

A Body with Rectangular Shape

If you do not have natural curves, do not lose hope. You can still use accessories and clothes in order to create them. Simply wear a nice belt at your waist’s narrowest part in order to accentuate it. You can also choose wrap and empire-waist type of dresses. 

You can also wear tops, which end at your hips’ mid-section. Enhance your bust line and shoulders with pleated or ruffled tops, as well as choose nice accessories that can add more volume to the upper part of your body. Aside from that, you also need to choose the right underwear, which can provide you with great breast support and can make your waist even more defined. Peplum tops, jackets, skirts, as well as dresses can also create an illusion that you have an hourglass shape. 

A Body with an Hourglass Shape

You can be able to highlight your curves by choosing the right clothes that can draw more attention to your waist and you should also avoid baggy clothing. Loose clothes are not necessary if you have an hourglass-shaped body. You can also have your top customized in order to make sure that it fits you perfectly. Check this out for more information about customized clothing.