How to Coordinate with Your Interior Designer

Getting a new house or space with just the furniture in wouldn’t really be a joy to live in. The place lacks life and beauty. This is when your interior designers come in. They don’t have any job other than to make your house or pad a paradise to live in.

There are a lot of interior designers to pick out, which makes it great because you will be able to find one that would best suit your needs and concerns. When you have found the perfect one, you definitely will have to coordinate with them to make your dream design come true. These steps will assist you in working with your interior designer.

1. Know your design concept

The interior designer won’t know where to start if you don’t have anything in mind about what you are going for. A simple style design will do and both of you can go from there. If you aren’t sure what your style is yet, search the internet for more inspiration. If you are going for simple and clean designs, you can search for the same keywords on the net. There should be plenty.

2. Set your budget

Very important. You should have your budget already set before you have the renovation started. This step can also be interchanged with the first step. Setting your budget before getting into details about the design is also acceptable. When giving your chosen designer a call, ask them if they charge fix (for the whole project and all the services included) or per hour of contact. This can help you adjust your budget if needed.

3. Meet them

  • This is the step where a lot has to be said and consulted. More so the questions you should ask.
  • Let them know your minimum and maximum budget
  • Ask them about their services, qualifications, duration of the project, or anything else you want to ask
  • Don’t forget to ask if they will charge you for the session.

4. Previous projects

Ask for their portfolio and look into some of their designs. Some interior designers are known for their specific styles. But it doesn’t always mean that you should go for that because it’s proven and tested by them. Their portfolio will give you some inspiration that you may want to include in your style.

5. Designing

Remember, you and your interior designer are a team. You may have differences on major or minor details, but you will always arrive in a decision. You also have to remember that they are professionals. If they think they can find a better option than what you have, don’t take offense. They are only doing their job of suggesting ideas to you. That also doesn’t mean that you have to compromise because they are good at what they do. After all, your space won’t feel like it’s truly yours if you don’t do the bigger job of styling it

6. Sign the contract

Before any money is involved or work started, you should sign the contract first. It should phrase the budget, types of work, the duration of the project, and all other important details.